Sri Lanka Air Force Commander visits Hawaii
April 5, 2014

Air Marshal Kolitha Gunatilleke Sri Lanka Air Force Commander visited Hawaii to attend an Air Marshals Conference hosted by the USPAC Air Force Commander General Carlisle.

The Sri Lanka Ohana hosted a lunch for the SLAF Commander on the 5th April at the KCC Ohelo Dining Room. This was his first official visit to Hawaii.

Reverend Hingurakgoda Vibhavi blessed the newly appointed commander. Commander Gunatilleke made a speech and he outlined the remarkable progress the country had made in the recent times. He also explained the efforts taken by the Government to bring peace and harmony to the country.

After his speech the commander was happy to mingle with the community. The Hawaiian Hula troupe "Puamana played Hawaiian songs, danced the hula and blessed Commander Gunatilleke.