Consular Corps of Hawaii International Night
October 26, 2012

The Consul Corps of Hawaii hosted "International Night" at the Kapiolani Community
College on October 26th 2012. As usual this was a sold out event.

Vicki Cayetano, Governor Cayetano, Honorary Consul Cooray and Judge Peter Fong.
(first row left)

Ambassador Moriarty, Judge Peter Fong with Honorary Consul Cooray.
(first row right)

Ed Hawkins President of the Janpan America Friendship Society, Consul General for
Japan Toyoei Shigeeda, Honorary Consul Cooray and Chancellor Richards.
(second row left)

Honorary Consul Cooray with Bryson and Tanna Dang. Bryson and Tanna
adopted a village (Nallathanniya) in Sri Lanka.
(second row right)

Honorary Consul Cooray with Daya Vitahange, Bryson Dang, Tanna Dang, Philo and
Philip Sherrard, Brian Desilva, Indra Vithanage and Dawn De Silva.
(third row left)

KCC students at the Sri Lankan Booth with Honorary Consul Cooray.
(third row right)

On behalf of the Consular Corps of Hawaii, Honorary Consul Cooray presented a donation
to the KCC Culinary Arts program. Chancellor Richards is accepting same.
(fourth row left)

Honorary. Consul Cooray making her final remarks.
(fourth row right)